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AllstarStocks.com`s Privacy Policy

Openness and integrity

AllStarStocks.com fully discloses our privacy policy and information practices. As AllstarStocks.com evolves and offers new services, this policy will be updated to reflect the changes. However, our strong commitment to privacy, security, and fair information practices will never change.

Information collection from customers

Customer Registration: Currently we do not use a user registration policy, nor do we collect information on our users through any other means. Customers who email us, or contact us through other means will maintain full privacy. Any customer list we might ultimately collect would be used strictly for our own internal purposes. AllStarStocks.com, and its predecessor, The 100 Best Update newsletter, have never sold or given customer names to any other person or organization over the past 11 years, and we will continue to follow that policy.

Advertisers and others

Through advertisers, outside content providers, and marketing affiliates, AllstarStocks.com offers customers the opportunity to contact other companies to obtain information or to buy products or services. These companies are not our backoffice partners who help us to provide financial services or our website partners who provide web access to AllstarStocks.com. AllstarStocks.com never shares any personal information with advertisers, outside content providers, or marketing affiliates. It is up to you to decide when and whether to give your personal information to these companies. If you provide information, its use is governed by the policies and practices of these companies and not by AllstarStocks.com’s policies and practices. AllstarStocks.com makes no representations or warranties about, and has no liability or responsibility toward its customers in connection with, any of these other companies or their privacy policies. We urge out customers to read the privacy policy of any website before providing any personal information.

Privacy policy changes and updates

AllstarStocks.com will update this policy from time to time as we add new services and new features. However, our strong commitment to privacy, security, and fair information practices will never change. We will tell our customers about changes in this policy by making changes on this page.

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