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Save 10%--and get free shipping!

The 100 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks to Own in America, 2005
    by Gene Walden

Show me the money! Gene Walden’s new book does just that, identifying a treasure trove of solid companies that reward their shareholders with outstanding dividend returns.”

n      -- Edmund Lawler,
    Author and columnist for Ad Age’s BtoB magazine


“With the recent change in tax laws, dividends have become more important than ever to investors. Gene Walden guides you to the 100 best dividend-paying stocks in America so you can take maximum advantage of the current investing environment.”

n    --   Jordan Goodman

      Author of Everyone’s Money Book


In an era of historically low interest rates, where do you turn for better returns? Great stocks with great dividends, according to best-selling author Gene Walden.

And new tax law changes have made dividend-paying stocks much more attractive for stock market investors. You’ll find an all-star list of dividend-paying stocks in Walden's latest book, The 100 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks to Own in America. (Marathon International).

The 100 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks includes profiles of each of the 100 companies, as well as ratings and financial history, including dividend growth, dividend yield, earnings growth, sales growth, and stock price appreciation.


In selecting stocks for the book, Walden looked at more than just the dividend yield.  “I’m looking for solid companies with growing earnings and revenue and solid financial fundamentals,” explains Walden. “That’s step one. Step two is screening those great companies to come up with the stocks with the best dividend yield and the best dividend growth. But I will not put a lousy company in the book just because it pays a high dividend. The theme of the book is great stocks with great dividends.”

Mr. Walden is the author of more 20 books on stocks and personal finance, including The 100 Best Stocks to Own in America (now in its 7th edition), The 100 Best Mutual Funds to Own in America, 100 Ways to Beat the Market, and If Not Stocks, What?

See excerpts:
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Save 10% and get free shipping!
Regularly $19.95--Buy now for $17.95!

Or send check or money order to Walden Resources, 5805 Dale Ave.,
Edina, MN  55436
(If you experience problems processing your payment, please call 952-926-0964)

The Reason Behind the Book

Gene Walden here. I wanted to tell you why and how I wrote The 100 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks to Own in America.

As you are probably well aware, bonds, CDs and other income-producing investments have not paid very high yields in recent years. If you need income from your investments, your options are severely limited.

One of the reasons I wrote the book was to show you where you could get a better return than you would get from bonds and CDs. And not only would your current return from dividend-paying stocks outperform most fixed income investments, but those stocks tended to raise their dividends year after year. So instead of the stagnant return you would get from a bond or CD, your stock dividend returns would quite often go up year after year, giving you a hedge against inflation.

The other reason I wrote the book is because of a recent change in tax laws. Under the current tax laws, the highest federal tax rate you would pay on stock dividends is just 15 percent--and if you're in a lower tax bracket, you would pay even less. This new law makes stock dividends one of the best tax-advantaged investments on the market--better than CDs, bank savings accounts, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed bonds, and even T-bills and T-notes. It's a great way to earn a nice, increasing stream of income while still saving on your taxes. 

How I Compiled the Book

To put together my list of 100 stocks, I looked at the dividend history and financial history of well over a thousand blue chip stocks across a wide range of sectors. I selected stocks based on three main factors:
1. Does it pay a good dividend?
2. Does it typically raise that dividend year after year?
3. Is the company fundamentally sound--has it had a solid history of earnings and revenue growth?

The stocks that made the Best 100 list were the ones that best fit those three criteria. It took me hundreds of hours to research and write the book, so I'm very proud to be able to provide it for you at such a low cost. I'm sure you'll get more than your money's worth out of it. And, of course, I guarantee it. If you're not completely satisfied with the book, please return it for a full refund. I can say that with little worry because I'm quite confident you'll find the book to be a wealth of valuable information.

So good luck and may your investments go nowhere but up.
-- Gene Walden

Or send check or money order to Walden Resources, 5805 Dale Ave.,
Edina, MN  55436
(If you experience problems processing your payment, please call 952-926-0964)

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