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Gene Walden is the best-selling author of more than 20 books on stocks and personal finance, including such classics as The 100 Best Stocks to Own in America (now in its 7th Edition), The 100 Best Mutual Funds to Own in America (4th Edition), and If Not Stocks, What? His latest book is The 100 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks to Own in America, 2005.

Walden has been a contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Investors` Business Daily, Consumer Reports, Red Herring, and Kiplingers, and a columnist for Your Money, OnMoney.com, World Trade Magazine, TWA Ambassador, S oundMoney and others.

He has appeared many times on CNBC`s Power Lunch, as well as on many other news and investment programs on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox, NPR, Voice of America, and hundreds of local and regional programs. He has also been featured in Money, USA Today, Kiplinger's and many other prominent publications.

 A popular speaker, Mr. Walden has addressed investment groups throughout the country, including Harvard and MIT. He teaches courses for brokers and other financial professionals.

Books by Gene Walden
The 100 Best Stocks to Own in America (7 editions)
Winning With Your Stockbroker in Good Times and Bad
The 100 Best Mutual Funds to Own in America (4 editions)
If Not Stocks What?
100 Ways to Beat the Market
The 100 Best Dividend-Paying Stocks to Own in America
The 100 Best Stocks for Under $25 (2 editions)
The 100 Best Technology Stocks (2 editions)
The 100 Best Stocks to Own in the World
EDGAR, An Investor's Guide to Better Investing
Folio Phenomenon
America's New Blue Chips
Marketing Masters: Secrets of America's Best Companies
The H&R Block Just Plain Smart Guide to Personal Finance
The 50 Best Stocks in Canada

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