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Research Central

  Research Central   
Looking for outstanding resource sites for your investment research? Following are the best sites on the Web that we have discovered:

Hoover`s Online : One of the best investment sites on the Web, Hoovers offers extensive information about most publicly traded companies.

Reuters: Provides company information and overviews as well as a stock screener. Members receive additional services.

Edgar: This is the home site of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and provides 10-K and all other reports filed by thousands of publicly-traded companies. (Site address is www.sec.gov --NOT edgar.com)

Morningstar.com. Provides a wealth of information on mutual funds (and stocks), with fund rankings and screening options.

NASDAQ research center. Includes quotes and information on thousands of stocks and mutual funds.

BusinessWeek Online/Investing  Produced in partnership with Standard and Poors, this site offers up-to-the-minute market information, and a variety of other stock and mutual fund research.

Webfn: In addition to quotes and research, Webfn presents live online television show covering the market and investment issues from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Each Monday (usually at 11 a.m. EST), Gene Walden gives a 5-minute analysis of the market, and lists three stock picks that look good for that week.

InvestorGuide.com: Investment research and guidance, links to financial news, portfolio tools, quotes and charts across the world wide web.

SmartMoney.com: Daily stock and mutual fund recommendations, hourly market updates, personal finance investing research tools and advice. Also lists timely, up to the minute stock and mutual fund quotes and statistics.

Streetinsider.com: Offers a host of information for investors, including news, rumors, research tools, portfolio tracker, company profiles and research, and links to other top investment sites.

WhisperNumber: Posts private earnings estimate figures that analysts and investors often refer to instead of official publicly stated estimates.

Yahoo! Finance : This site offers a wide array of information about most publicly traded companies and funds.

Drip Central: Details on more than 800 public companies that offer dividend reinvestment plans, in which dividends are reinvested to buy more of that company`s stock.

TheStreet.com: Offers an extensive range of stock research and timely articles by market experts.

CNN/Money: Excellent articles and investment research on stocks, bonds, funds, the market and the economy in general.

CBSMarketwatch.com: Provides stock quotes, research, tools, and a wealth of articles on companies and the market.

OneShotKillTrading.com: Includes links to many of the Web's top financial sites.

International Research

MSCI: The top site for research on International markets. Operated by Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.

ADR.com. Offers a complete list of ADRs (foreign stocks traded on U.S. exchanges), and other related information.

HerzfeldAdvisors. This site offers details and links to the entire universe of closed-end mutual funds.


Investinginbonds.com: This site includes a wide range of information on bond investing.

Online Discount Brokers

 FOLIOfn   Offers discounted trades and pre-selected portfolios.

Sharebuilder.com Offers discounted trades.

Offers discounted trades


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