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The stock market--what good is it?
By Gene Walden
The past 10 years have been an abysmal period for stocks. If you were counting on stock mutual funds to build your retirement savings, the truth is, you would have been better served to simply put your money in the bank. Is it time to give up on stocks. Maybe not, but it is time to reassess your strategy. More

Research Central
Our hand-picked list of the best free investment sites on the Web. 

Good stocks in bad times
By Gene Walden
Even in a down economy, there are certain things most consumers simply won’t live without—heat, electricity and medical care. As a stock market investor assessing the universe of stocks now trading at a 30 to 50 percent discount from their highs, you might consider looking for companies that are going to continue to generate solid revenues regardless of poor economic conditions. More

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Read more commentary and excerpts from award-winning author and columnist Gene Walden

Open Archive

2009 IRA and 401(k) contribution limits
How much can you contribute to your Roth, traditional or 401(k) retirement savings plans in 2009?

For all the facts read on.

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What happens after the hearse pulls away?
You have a will, a portfolio of investments and a hefty life insurance policy to keep your family afloat after you die. But there's another step you may wish to take to put your affairs in order--a comprehensive estate plan. If properly prepared, it can help make your life easier now and your family's life much easier later. More

Shopping for a better advisor
Retirement is barreling down on Baby Boomers like a runaway tram. Many boomers are wondering how their modest nest egg can possibly bankroll two or three decades of retirement. If you’re looking for a better advisor with a greater emphasis on long-term planning, where should you turn? More

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Passing on the family cabin
By Gene Walden 
When cabin owners pass their cabins onto siblings or other relatives, it can create such disharmony that those special family bonds are broken and the good times turn to ill will and even law suits. Here's some steps you can take to keep the family happy when you pass on the family cabin:   Part I       Part II

Buying stocks commission-free

Guide to ethical investing

Annuities, retirement funds and other reader questions
Gene Walden
If you have money to invest, there’s an annuity out there with your name on it—at least that’s the message some advisors give their clients. But you need to weigh the pros and cons before you sign the dotted line for any of these long-term investment contracts.
More on annuities and accessing your retirement funds

Books and CDs


Gene Walden's latest 

 Either way, there's risk
We live with risk in nearly every phase of life -- every step we take and every decision we make. Allocating your assets is no different. Whether you're investing in mutual funds or stashing cash under your mattress, every move you make involves some type of risk. The success you achieve as an investor is determined to a great degree by how you manage the delicate balance between risk and reward. More on risk

Investment Glossary
What's what?
Learn investment terms in our online glossary.

Identity theft: Thwarting the 'Crime of the 21st Century'
Gene Walden 
Before he became a financial advisor, Mike Miller was a police officer for 20 years and a graduate of the FBI National Academy. That’s why Miller was a little surprised to find himself the victim of identity theft—not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions. How can you avert ID theft--or minimize the damage after it happens? Here are some tips to keep your good name safe. 

 Allocation Guide
How should you divide your assets? Find out in our free Guide to Asset Allocation.

A ruling to protect investors--striking down the 'Merrill Lynch rule'
In an era when the financial services industry has been accused of exploiting lax consumer protection laws to stick it to their customers, a U.S. District Court  recently struck a rare blow for the consumer. The court struck down the SEC's broker-dealer exemption law—known as the “Merrill Lynch rule”—that gave brokers many of the same benefits of a registered investment advisor (RIA) without the same obligation to serve the best interests of their clients. More 

Housing swoon is a boon to rental investing
As mortgage foreclosures rise and home sales slump, there's another side to the housing market that is quietly enjoying a recovery. The apartment market, battered and beaten the past few years, is finally rewarding long-suffering investors for their patience. More

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Time for a new broker? How to put your investment advisor to the test

Finding Values with P/E Ratios 

REITS: Easier Real Estate Investing 

ETFs make diversification cheap and easy
If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, easy way to buy a stake in the stock market, you might consider “exchange-traded funds” (ETF). ETFs are similar to mutual funds in that they give small investors the ability to buy a diversified basket, but they also feature some important benefits that traditional mutual funds don’t offer. More

Analyze stocks
Learn how to do an in-depth analysis of a company's financials.
Stock Analysis  

 Navigating the Roth maze
By Gene Walden
The Roth IRA is a text-book case of too many lawmakers with too much time on their hands. Instead of giving us a straightforward retirement account that every American could use, Congress loaded it down with enough limitations, qualifications and stipulations to keep a team of tax attorneys scratching their heads. Here's help .



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